Wouldn’t it be wonderful after a long day to indulge your body and mind with a relaxing visit to a spa? What if you could enjoy a soothing sanctuary spa in your own home? You can—with a few choice upgrades in a spectacular bathroom makeover!

Your bathroom offers a private space where you can relax with a hot shower or bath and unwind. By adding just a few elements, you can upgrade from a simple bathroom makeover to a makeover that creates a spa-like atmosphere.

Pamper yourself with these luxurious changes that enhance all five senses.

Begin Your Bathroom Makeover With a Visual Appeal

The visual appeal of your bathroom is the foundation for setting a spa-like vibe. A minimalist style can open up the room, giving the space a feel of serenity. Here are some suggestions to make the space more visually appealing:

  • Paint your walls. Choose an earthy palette, like nature-inspired colors such as brown, green, and grey. This can give your bathroom makeover an organic, calming appeal.
  • Install dimming lights. Consider tall scones or recessed ceiling lights with dimmer controls to allow for creating a darker, more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Clear away clutter. Clutter triggers stress. Keep toiletries hidden in your spa bathroom, especially extra supplies and cleaners. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Store toiletry supplies in clear jars. Cotton balls and other items actually appear as decor when displayed in matching glass jars.

Make Your Bathroom Makeover Pleasing to the Touch

You don’t need expensive hydrotherapy facilities like a real spa. Just add the spa touch with these affordable amenities.

  • Whirlpool tub. Every bathroom makeover should include a relaxing whirlpool tub for soaking and hydro massage. They’re more affordable than you think!
  • Massage showerhead. You won’t use a whirlpool tub every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxurious shower with a massage showerhead. You’ll be surprised how much of a benefit that pulsating water can be.

Ensure Your Bathroom Makeover Smells Refreshing

Aromatherapy is famous for boosting mood and overall health. Use these simple additions to help round out your rejuvenating spa.

  • Scented soaps. Keep your favorite scented soaps nearby for your daily shower or relaxing bath soak. Peppermint is great for wakeups, while lavender is better for a late-day bath.
  • Candles. Who doesn’t enjoy a long, hot bath surrounded by flickering scented candles? Keep these handy for those special moments.
  • Oil diffuser. Add to the ambiance with a scented oil diffuser, and enjoy the added safety of no open flames to forget or knock over.
  • New tile. Why try to get rid of the smell emanating from your old, damp bathroom carpet or worn linoleum? Replace with beautiful tile flooring to allow a fresh smell to stay longer. Plus, tile is easier to keep clean and dry.

Surround Your Bathroom Makeover With Relaxing Sound

Peace and quiet is often desired, but sometimes you want a bit of tranquil noise. Leave the extra television in another room and opt for more relaxing options.

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Ring up a meditation playlist on your phone and create a calming backdrop to your spa experience.
  • Soundproofing. The time spent in your oasis is private, and so is the concert you may choose to enjoy while soaking. Consider soundproofing the walls to prevent interruptions or interrupting others in the house.

Prepare Your Bathroom Makeover for Tantalizing Taste

As you pamper your senses in your new spa bathroom makeover, don’t forget to satisfy your sense of taste. Yes, even in the bath.

  • Tub tray. An attachable tub tray is just the amenity to round out your home spa. Choose a model that can hold a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne. You can also consider a built-in tray table near the tub for convenience.
  • Mini-bar. Some of the extra room in your luxurious bath spa can be used to install a mini-bar, complete with a small fridge and ice chest. Perfect for that special date or someone.

Enjoy the spa treatment in your own home with a new bathroom makeover. By adding a few simple renovations and additions, you can transform your bathroom into a private oasis.

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