Are you tired of a cramped kitchen that is virtually useless for entertaining? Is your family growing out of your available space?

You’re not alone! In fact, many families like yours have completed a complete kitchen remodel and/or home addition to add space and expand the possibilities. This month we’re sharing one family’s story!


Needing a Kitchen Remodel & Home Addition

Meet the Lail family. Jordan and Jennifer, along with daughters Kylie and Torrey, were outgrowing their available living space.

They needed a larger kitchen that could serve their growing and busy family. And they also needed additional space for entertaining guests. There just wasn’t a practical space in their current kitchen or living room for guests to stand or sit around and relax.

To meet their needs, their kitchen remodel project included half of the house, with an additional 240-square-foot expansion.

One family needing a kitchen remodel and home addition.

Designing a Kitchen Remodel & Home Addition

Jordan is a landscape architect, working for an architecture firm, and so had definite ideas about what his family needed. The family’s vision for a kitchen remodel included everything necessary to serve the needs of their family along with a connected great room for entertaining.

In fact, Jordan had already created blueprints and a 3D rendering of the family’s ideal remodel. They knew what they wanted—and they knew what they could afford.

The next step was to select a contractor who would get on board with their vision.

Designing a kitchen remodel and home addition.

Building a Kitchen Remodel & Home Addition

Jordan and Jennifer conducted a long interview process with a few contractors before deciding on Remcon Design Build. In the couple’s eyes, Remcon offered clear benefits.

“From the beginning, Remcon was always 100 percent on board with our vision and trying to figure out how to make it work and within budget, instead of trying to sell us something different,” Jordan says. “There were almost daily emails between us and the project managers, addressing questions and concerns as we started the kitchen remodel and addition. Remcon was always prompt in their responses and took care of any issues that came up.”

The relationship you have with a contractor is built on trust. You trust them with your home, your possessions, and your family.

Especially on a large project like this one, you get to know everyone involved on a personal basis.

“Honestly, by the end of all this, we became friends,” Jordan says.

Building a kitchen remodel and home addition.

Enjoying Their Kitchen Remodel & Home Addition

Before this kitchen remodel project was even envisioned, Jennifer had always felt she wanted to move to a different home.

But after the remodel, things are different.

“We are so happy with how it turned out,” Jordan says. “The space is very functional and everything we wanted.”

But the clincher came when, as they moved back in, Jennifer told him, “This could be my forever home.”

Jordan now knows that it pays to take time interviewing contractors to make sure you really mesh with your team.

“Remcon was great and always respectful of our home and landscaping,” Jordan says. “The craftsmanship was very good, so we didn’t have any spots that bugged us once things were done and we didn’t need to go back and put on any finishing touches.”

“They were also great with the schedule,” Jordan adds. “Things were done when they were promised. We’ve heard horror stories from family and friends about scheduling with other construction companies, but this was never an issue. I actually think they finished ahead of schedule.”


Enjoying a kitchen remodel and home addition.

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