Years ago, it was quite common for grandparents to live in the same home with a young family. It’s becoming more common again. If you’re in that situation—or just need more living space for a friend or relative living with you—a granny flat might be the perfect solution.

But what exactly is a granny flat and how can it help? Read on to take a look.

What Is a Granny Flat?

A granny flat is a self-contained living space designed for only one or two people, typically located on the grounds of another single-family dwelling. These spaces can be attached to the other home directly via interior or exterior walkways, or they can be completely detached as a standalone dwelling.

The name granny flat is derived from its common use: It is a popular means of accommodating aging parents. In the real estate and construction world, such a living unit is most often called an accessory apartment or an accessory dwelling unit.

Other common names for these homes are mother-in-law apartment, in-law apartment, bonus unit, or carriage apartment or unit. Regardless of what you call it, these units can provide added space for growing families while affording a measure of privacy and independence.

What Amenities Are Found in a Granny Flat?

The short answer: Whatever you’d like to include!

A granny flat can include any comfort or safety amenity you desire, considering the available space. Some units are miniatures of a typical full-sized home complete with full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and entertainment spaces.

In others, some facilities may be limited due to safety issues. For example, instead of a full kitchen, there may only be a microwave oven and refrigerator.

Your granny flat can be designed to accommodate any person, including one who needs increased monitoring. High-tech monitoring capabilities can be installed so you can remotely monitor your loved one from your own home.

Medication dispensers, trip alarms, motion detectors, special toilets that perform urinalysis, and more can all be included to allow increased safety monitoring. While some elderly loved ones may object to moving in with family, the granny flat allows for whatever measure of privacy and independence is needed.

Advantages of Adding a Granny Flat

While the additional living space is a bonus, there are other advantages. Another person living on the same property affords greater security. Another set of eyes and more exterior lighting can provide a detriment for prowlers.

Family members or tenants can sometimes share transportation or other amenities with those occupying the main home. Lawn care, child care, and other maintenance tasks can be shared.

Senior citizens thrive with an abundance of social contacts—and living adjacent to other family members, especially those with younger children, can be an added bonus. And having loved ones close at hand to monitor the health and well-being of the older family member is a distinct advantage.

Let Remcon Design Your Granny Flat

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