You know you want to remodel a room in your home, but you honestly don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you have some ideas, but you aren’t sure if they’re feasible.

Step one is finding a design company and contractors you trust to complete a San Diego home remodel project. These questions will help you do just that—making sure everything is in order before signing on the dotted line.

San Diego Home Remodel Question 1: Ask for Professional Credentials and References

Before you consider any contractors for your San Diego home remodel project, you should ask to see their licensing, bonding, and insurance documentation.

You should also ask for references of local clients for which they have done work in the last three years. Talk with those clients at length before going forward with any negotiations.

San Diego Home Remodel Question 2: Ask for a Detailed Description of the Project

You should always ask to see a comprehensive project description that completely details all the work, products, and building materials it will take to complete the job. Include everything that will be removed and everything that will be built, plus a list of materials and fixtures and their cost.

In addition, you should require a written guarantee that the contractor will obtain all necessary permits and dispose of all project debris.

San Diego Home Remodel Question 3: Ask How the Contractor Will Be Paid

Before signing a San Diego home remodel contract, agree on a total price and how the contractor will be paid, including installment payments based on project milestones. You should agree to no more than 25 percent of the project cost up front.

Your final payment should be no less than 10–20 percent to cover a “punch list” of final project details that must be completed to your satisfaction. In addition, ask to include lien waivers, which protect you from liability if the contractor neglects to pay any subcontractors who worked on your project.

San Diego Home Remodel Question 4: Ask for Approximate Beginning and Completion Dates

Discuss approximate beginning and completion dates for your San Diego home remodel project with your contractor.

The goal is to ensure that both parties understand when work will begin and when it will be completed, not including any weather interruptions or major changes to the overall project plan.

San Diego Home Remodel Question 5: Ask About the Procedure for Changes

You should discuss and agree on a set procedure for making changes to your San Diego home remodel project. You should authorize no changes until the contractor provides a written description of the new work, its additional cost, and how it will affect the schedule.

Only then should you give written approval. Agree to put all change orders in writing for a concrete record.

San Diego Home Remodel Question 6: Ask About Your Escape Clause

California and federal consumer protection laws provide homeowners with a three-day grace period to rescind a signed contract without penalty. This prevents you from losing your deposit if unexpected problems arise.

Ask the contractor to include agreement to this clause in your contract.

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