You’ve been waiting for this moment for years! Now the last of the kids are out the door, and you’re free to make your home the showplace you’ve dreamed about.

While some may feel a bit guilty, it’s perfectly normal for empty nesters to begin prioritizing their own needs again.

Looking around your home, you may wonder just where to begin. We have four great ideas to remake your existing spaces into a new San Diego home design!

Home Design Idea 1: Master Suites

Everyone imagines what it would be like to enjoy a master suite that provides a comfortable, private retreat. Home design for a master suite is much more than just a bedroom with a bathroom attached.

Consider adding sitting areas with beautiful window designs, and a bathroom with all the modern amenities, including his and hers sinks, standing showers, a spa tub, and even separate water closets.

Don’t forget to add plenty of storage in the form of a massive walk-in closet, or perhaps a divided design that allocates each person adequate space plus a dressing area.

Do these sound like amazing luxury conveniences? Maybe so, but with the added savings of the empty nest, why not pamper yourself with a fabulous new San Diego home design?

Home Design Idea 2: Convert the Kids’ Bedrooms

Now that all the kids are gone, why not convert those unused rooms into something personal? Here are a few great options.

Guest Room

Your kids may be wonderful, but there is no need to keep their bedrooms as shrines to their growing-up years. Prepare for out-of-town guests or other empty-nester friends by turning two adjacent bedrooms into a luxurious suite for guests!

To achieve this San Diego home design, remove an adjoining wall and transform the larger space into a comfortable retreat for guests complete with sitting areas, a king-sized bed, and a large digital TV.

Hobby Room

Indulge yourself by turning that remaining bedroom into a hobby room. Include plenty of worktable space for projects and install decorative but utilitarian shelving and other storage.

Replace boring light fixtures with ones chosen to best enhance your hobby time. Consider flexible lighting options that allow sufficient brightness without straining your eyes.

Home Gym

Why not build a gym in the privacy of your own home? Now there’s no excuse not to work out! Transform that old bedroom into a working home gym complete with exercise machines fit for your state of health.

Put down rubber floor tiles underneath and around the workout area to improve footing and durability. Also, consider hanging mirrors along one side of the room so you can monitor your exercise technique.

Home Design Idea 3: Glamorize Your Kitchen

Have you always wanted to update your kitchen in order to practice your gourmet chef skills? Or do you dream of entertaining with a larger kitchen and dining space?

Start by redesigning the space to include a functional island with an additional sink and oven—with plenty of open space for food preparation.

Custom cabinetry and countertops can add increased storage and preparation areas to match any design you choose. And you can replace your appliances with the latest in functional kitchen design!

Ask about a San Diego home design to add additional space for a large dining area complete with a new table, chairs, and elegant place settings. Such a space would benefit from many windows to allow plenty of sunlight, but with soft lighting for evening events.

Home Design Idea 4: Transform Old Spaces with Paint and Flooring

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to glamorize your existing space, consider new paint and flooring. Now that the kids are gone, along with their cleats and spilled drinks, tear out that old carpet and replace it with beautiful hardwood flooring.

Hard floors are easier to clean and more environmentally friendly, with much less dust and pet hair left to hide. Accent rooms with large decorative rugs to add a warm touch!

New paint schemes can do much to transform any room from old and worn to unique and glamorous. Choose fresh colors that complement your taste in decor (or your modern decor) and add vitality to the room. Consider a bold-colored accent wall with light neutral colors throughout the rest of the room.

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