When the time comes, you may be more than ready to retire. But is your home ready?

If you plan to keep and enjoy your current home throughout your retirement, consider speaking with a home remodeling expert like Remcon Design Build for some suggestions.

There are some important changes and upgrades that can prepare your home for the future changes and challenges that come with retirement. There are many possible updates to any home.

Perhaps you already have a list of needed changes. But if you aren’t sure where to begin, Remcon recommends these six updates to prepare your home for retirement.

Home Remodeling Efficiency Upgrades

As we age, we become more sensitive to temperature changes and drafts. Prepare for that personal evolution now with a few upgrades:

Heating and Cooling

How old is your current HVAC system? Chances are, if it hasn’t been replaced in the last five years, you could be facing a major overhaul or replacement during your retirement years.

This is a heavy cost that could siphon away valuable retirement dollars. Better to replace the system now while performing your pre-retirement San Diego home remodeling.

More/Better Insulation

Add more insulation to the attic, basement or crawlspace, and the walls if possible. Additional layers of modern insulation increase the energy efficiency of our homes.

This keeps us warmer or cooler—and saves precious dollars on our energy bills every month. Also consider installing weatherstripping around doors and windows, or even new thermopane replacement windows.

Home Remodeling Security Upgrades

Knowing you are secure within your home adds peace of mind to your retirement years. So, make the necessary changes now to prepare.

Install a monitored security system complete with cameras, mobile panic button, and gas/carbon monoxide monitoring capabilities.

Publicize your alarm system well with window and door stickers and yard signs. Criminals are more likely to avoid homes with elaborate security systems.

You may also want to install stronger exterior doors and protective coverings for your downstairs windows. Modern protective doors and window options can provide an entirely new layer of security while adding a decorative touch to your home.

Home Remodeling Mobility Upgrades

Age often brings problems with mobility. If you are determined to remain in your own home no matter what happens, you can make this easier with a few changes:

Downstairs Bedroom

If you currently sleep upstairs, your home remodeling could include creating a master bedroom downstairs. If you develop mobility problems down the road, this will be a real benefit.

Seniors often sleep lighter than in earlier years, so consider the placement of this new bedroom. Near a bathroom but away from sources of noise is always a wise choice.

Knobs vs. Handles

A simple but valuable change is to replace doorknobs with easy-to-grab handles. The twisting motion necessary for using standard door knobs can be difficult as arthritis or other orthopedic problems arise. Carry this improvement through to sink, tub, and shower knobs in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Safety Handrails

Handrails for safety in certain areas are a small change that makes a large impact. Bathrooms should have handrails inside the shower and beside the toilet for an extra hand-hold while traversing slippery surfaces or sitting and standing. Stairwells should have a handrail from top to bottom on each side, and should also be well lit.

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