This neutral color trend is also being applied to floors, ceilings and accessories, and countertops. It is a perfect color to work with if you are a little unsure of what color choice you want or keeping your cabinetry white. The first place to start looking for this color is your walls ( stripes, geometric, patterns, speak, stripes, squares, etc.) Go to a paint store and choose a paint sample of your preference. Please make sure they are contrasting colors, not similar. You can find paint cards at the paint store that groups similar colors into different shades and will work on your walls.

Next, choose hardware for your cabinetry. Do you want brushed nickel, satin nickel, rubbed bronze, French gold, or stainless steel hardware? Cabinet hardware comes in such varieties of metals as solid steel, copper, iron, brass, pewter, porcelain, glass collectible, crystal, Tiffany glass, shutters, etc., and choosing what will work best for you can be daunting. If you choose to white your cabinetry, choose a style that you are looking for. Simple and clean lines can work with many cabinetry, while themes with carving on the handles can add a more sophisticated look to cabinet hardware. Do you like the idea of a retro kitchen with white cabinets, or are you looking to create a more modern look with bright candy-colored cabinets? Whatever the case, you choose and match your cabinet hardware accordingly.

The kitchen can be more fashionable (and trendy) with darker colors or shades. Many times we will see darker cabinetry against lighter colors. This can add more richness to the kitchen. Be sure not to go over the top, however. Adding too many color accents can create too much visual density and may make your kitchen feel small.

Most shades of gray can be painted over if you find yourself wanting more crystal, ground, or silver accents in the kitchen. If you commit to a specific color, choose one that may look perfect and then hue it to fit your cabinets better.

Kitchens are no different than any other room in your home. Furniture styles are never static, and these trends will seem to be endless in this wide and ever-changing world. Pick cabinetry that will last and can look work with the changing and not too expensive/hard to maintain furnishings. Most importantly, choose cabinetry that you like.