Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or recently moved into a new home, there are often things you want to change. But what do you need to know before meeting with a remodeling contractor?

This is an exciting time—and the possibilities are endless. So what’s your first step? We have four tips to help you prepare before you meet with a remodeling contractor.

Decide on Your Essentials Before Meeting With the Remodeling Contractor

When building an addition or remodeling your home, it helps to prepare a written list to identify items that are “needs” and items that are “wants.” This is a vital starting point for determining plans and costs.

Before meeting with a remodeling contractor, list major and minor problems you have with the current space. This should include what you like about the space—such as plenty of daylight—as well as what needs to be changed, such as a lack of storage.

Work with your family to be as specific as possible about what you want done. Then share your list with your remodeling contractor.

Determine Your “Why” Before Meeting With the Remodeling Contractor

Before settling on any changes and communicating them to the remodeling contractor, sit down with your family and share your “why.”

Why are you proposing these changes to the home? Why are you drawn to this particular style or design?

Agreeing on the whys of the project will go far in helping the remodeling contractor visualize and create the unique results you desire for the space. Also, knowing your “why” may help the contracting team offer suggestions that help you reach your goals, such as materials or styles with which they have experience.

Knowing why you are making the specific changes you have proposed will help you relax and trust the process. Every part of the team will know not only what to do, but how and why it accomplishes part of your vision.

Nail Down a Budget Before Meeting With the Remodeling Contractor

It’s vital to know the reaches and limitations of your budget before talking with a remodeling contractor. You may not discuss an estimate of costs during the initial meeting, but in case you get that far, you need a definite scope in which to operate.

Moreover, an experienced remodeling contractor will know about local vendors, product lines, and costs—and can offer suggestions to help you reach your vision within your budget.

Perhaps most important, having a firm idea of your acceptable budget allows you to feel confident saying “no” to suggestions by the remodeling contractor. Not being sure or wavering over items can lead to excessive spending and worries throughout the project.

Compile a List of Questions Before Meeting With the Remodeling Contractor

Any home remodel project will produce questions too numerous to remember. Create a running list as you discuss the project and add to it when new questions arise. Don’t rely on your memory alone!

Some possible questions to get you started include:

  1. How much experience do you have in this type of remodel?
  2. Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?
  3. When can you start?
  4. How long will it take?
  5. How long do you work each day?
  6. How will weather affect my project?
  7. How will you take care of my property?
  8. Do you have local references I can call?

You may also want to ask for suggestions about how the space can be optimized, countertop and appliance options, and any concerns about plumbing, electrical, or structural issues.

An experienced remodeling contractor will also be concerned about these issues—and can help you step through the process to realize your goals.

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