Maybe you love your kitchen fixtures but hate the cabinets. You don’t have to completely overhaul everything in the kitchen to get big results.

There are many small things you can change or add for less cost than you may imagine. Although small, these additions can add big benefits, more valued than their cost.

Read on for a look at some small updates with big benefits for your kitchen remodel. For help with your remodeling project or advice on how to begin, contact us here.

Kitchen Remodel Idea 1—Build a Coffee Bar

Do you have an awkward or unused space in your kitchen? Perhaps a weirdly shaped area under a stairwell or a small space that can’t be used for anything?

Have some fun with your San Diego kitchen remodel and turn that space into a new coffee bar!

Add a small sink along with counter and cabinet space to hold your favorite coffee machine, mugs, cups, filters, pods, or whatever else you like to use for coffee.

Install some decorative lighting—and you are ready to entertain with your own coffee bar.

Kitchen Remodel Idea 2—Apply Paint

A simple way to add new life to a dated kitchen is to add a fresh coat of paint. Consider a fun new color in differing hues in your San Diego kitchen remodel that add a clean, crisp look to walls, cabinets, or even the ceiling.

Colors can add a whole new life to any space—and kitchens are no different. Try using white as a base with light colors to highlight cabinetry, backsplashes, and other spaces.

While choosing a paint color, you must also consider the right paint finish. Any kitchen that’s used frequently is a high-traffic area of the house that attracts grime and requires a periodic scrub-down.

So when choosing the paint for your San Diego kitchen remodel, you should opt for a finish that can handle soap, water, and a little elbow grease. Satin finishes can resist mildew, dirt stains, and scrubbing, while semi-gloss reflects light and is very durable.

Kitchen Remodel Idea 3—Add Under-cabinet Lighting

To add a bit more light and ambiance to your San Diego kitchen remodel, don’t undergo a full electrical renovation. Just add some decorative, yet functional under-cabinet lighting.

This attractive, task-oriented lighting is available in a variety of models, most of which can be easily mounted and plugged in or wired.

When searching for the right under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen, choose small and lightweight options that add just enough light without undue glare and the least amount of heat possible.

Kitchen Remodel Idea 4—Spice Up the Kitchen Window

Window treatments are a simple and inexpensive way to add a bit of flair to your San Diego kitchen remodel. Add new curtains or blinds according to your tastes and a bold new light fixture.

Lighting over a sink should not only be decorative but also functional. Any fixture you choose should cast light downward in front of anyone standing at the sink and not at their head.

This makes for the most comfortable and usable task lighting.

Kitchen Remodel Idea 5—Add an Island

Many may not consider adding an island as a small update, but it can be done, even in limited spaces. Freestanding islands can be a great addition to your San Diego kitchen remodel.

These movable islands add counter preparation space and storage while requiring less floor space. And they can be moved along a wall when space is needed in the kitchen for more cooks.

Use it then as an additional serving area to open up the room while providing needed surface space.

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