Perhaps you are thinking about a custom-built limestone kitchen countertop. While stones like marble and granite are popular, limestone is the top choice for most people. While more common than stainless steel and teak, it is more expensive than other stones. It comes from the same family as granite and is also very durable. Stone can’s uniformity can bring elegance to the kitchen, and personalization can make it personal. When it comes to replacing the countertops, you can cut your costs significantly for stone countertops because the stone is not as expensive and more readily available.

Natural stone countertops are also more durable than human-made products. They are more impact-resistant than human-made products. There are no two stone countertops that are exactly alike. If the stone is a few shades different from the countertop pattern in the rest of the kitchen, you will not notice a difference in the appearance. In fact, the colors will actually go to Mix.

Overall, stone kitchen countertops are the ideal choice for the kitchen. Striving for a roof over your head, it should be durable, easy to clean, and beautiful. It isn’t difficult to see why stone countertops are a great investment in your house. You can’t go wrong with installing stone.

Cultured Marble

  • Also called “engineered stone,” manufactured marble is made by binding polyester with very high temperatures
  • It’s very porous
  • It can develop hydrogen stress in tight areas, and it can scratch
  • It is difficult to maintain
  • Some color changes and spotting over time
  • One of the most expensive options

Cultured quartz

  • A blend of natural and human-made stone
  • Tough and low maintenance
  • Does not scratch, chip, or break
  • Can be difficult to maintain
  • Some colors may fade over time
  • Settled quartz is hot and cold vibrations in the kitchen
  • Colors don’t hold up over time


  • Easy to maintain; stain and scratch-resistant
  • Hard surface, heat and cold will break
  • Cracks can develop if the seal is not done on day 1
  • Stains can seep right through
  • Expensive

Squared marble

  • The look and feel of natural marble is easy on the pocket but more prone to cracking and chipping and colors fading
  • Seals stain very easily, and staining may be difficult to remove
  • Hot pots can melt or scour out
  • Polished: it loses its luster, wiping down it thousands of times
  • The stain will not respond to seal finishes
  • Maintained grout area sometimes has an unsightly blue cast