Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or you’ve been in it for years, there are often things that need to be fixed. But how can you prioritize those needs?

A common mistake is to spend time choosing paint swatches and matching decor—or even tearing out walls before considering anything more substantial. While paint and other aesthetics may be necessary, ask some important questions first:

  • Is my home structurally sound?
  • Is my home functionally safe?
  • Is my home healthy and allergen-free?
  • What updates will affect my family the most?
  • Where should we begin?

Safety and functionality should be at the top of your list.

These things may not be as fun as paint and furniture, but your family’s safety and health is paramount. With these ideas in mind, let’s explore what to prioritize in a home remodel in San Diego.

Prioritize the Roof in Your Home Remodel

First things first is always the way to go in any home remodel in San Diego, and the top of your list should be the top of your house—the roof.

If there are problems with your roof, those problems will “trickle down” into every other part of the home. Without a solid, functional roof, water damage could potentially ruin any other renovations you undertake.

Part of your roof inspection and repair should also be adequate insulation. Any previous issues with the roof have likely compromised the insulation as well. Therefore, adding or replacing the roof insulation should definitely be part of your home remodel in San Diego.

Prioritize the Electrical and Heating/Air

Once your roof and overhead insulation is sound, it’s time to move on to some safety aspects. Wiring is a major consideration for your home remodel in San Diego.

Older houses especially, but any home with which you are unfamiliar, should have a professional-grade electrical inspection. Very often, wiring, fuses, and breakers will be seriously eroded and not up to current codes for safety and conservation.

When the electrical system is safe and functional, heating and air conditioning should be your next step. This is also a safety issue for your home remodel in San Diego because of allergens and toxins.

Old ductwork can be breeding grounds for mold and other allergens that can exacerbate asthma and allergies. Faulty heating systems can produce dangerous carbon monoxide. Have your heating and air systems checked out and upgrade to newer, cleaner, more energy-efficient systems if necessary.

Prioritize the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Now that your home is dry and safe, it’s time to focus on usability—and the features you want and need. The kitchen and bathrooms are the most used spaces in any home, so they should be a major focus of your home remodel in San Diego.

No matter the style you choose, from traditional to contemporary, focus on functionality and ease of use. Kitchen islands with an extra oven, range or grill top, and sink add needed preparation space. New appliances can increase food storage and make cooking faster and easier. Custom cabinetry is always welcome for the extra space and added decor it provides.

Everyone loves a clean, spacious bathroom with a large shower and tub. Consider the needs of your family and consider the addition of a walk-in tub for safety. Jacuzzi tubs and decorative tile are also beautiful and exciting additions to add glamour to bathroom spaces.

Prioritize the Decor

After your home is dry, safe, and functional, it’s time to focus on the fun stuff—decor! Your home remodel in San Diego is not just a showplace—it’s a safe retreat for your family. But after those important aspects are completed, reward yourself and have some fun!

Why not create a bright, new exciting room for your guests or hobbies? Old bedrooms can be remade into vibrant new spaces for this stage of your life. New paint, furnishings, and decor can make that old room come alive with a new purpose.

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