Bathrooms are subjected to trends, too, but definitely, they evolve as people’s preferences change. We’ve talked with REMCON Designers to find out what they’re expecting to see in master bathrooms this year, and we think you’ll like what they have in mind.

Streamlined Showering

Just a decade ago, people were installing elaborate showering systems with shower heads, water tiles, and rain shower heads. Today, people are still indulging in a little daily water therapy, but more people are opting for a simplified shower system.

For example, showers mounted on single rail systems combine two conventional fixtures (typically a combination of a rain shower, handheld shower, or standard shower head) with fewer handles and dials. By consolidating these functions into a single fixture, it allows you to get much function at a lower price point, which is a big part of their appeal.

A Matte Black Bathroom

Matte black is having a moment, and for a good reason. It is showing up everywhere in the bathroom from sinks and shower heads to tile and cabinetry. Plus it goes with everything, just like that little black dress.

Patterned Tile

If you love the look of artisan-made, old world patterned tiles; you are in luck, it’s making a grand appearance in bathrooms for 2021. Cement-look tiles with patterns that give the impression of being hand-painted are in. These tiles create some dramatic interest without the expense of mosaic tiles.

The Bathroom Ceiling

The ceiling is trending as every wall in your bathroom. The ceiling is a blank canvas, and adding beams, skylights, or architectural details can transform your bathroom from so-so to stunning. Plus it will draw your eye upward, making the room look even more spacious.

Mixed Metals

Gone are the days where everything needs to match. Mixing metals can create chic combinations –silver plumbing fixtures paired with brushed brass lighting. Mixing metals don’t have to be dramatic. Choosing two similar—but not identical finishes is an easy way to baby-step into the trend.

Get a Grip

Adding convenience and safety to your bathroom is not a new concept, but the fixtures that are available now are more attractive and can have a dual purpose. A custom heated bench is an excellent addition for shaving or resting after a long tiring day. Grab bars with a shelf lets you personalize your shower with beautiful thoughtfully designed storage.